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Jendela Ide adalah sebuah lembaga budaya yang didirikan tahun 1995, memfasilitasi ruang bagi anak/remaja beragam latar belakang ekonomi, sosial, budaya, termasuk diantaranya anak-anak berkebutuhan khusus.

Jendela Ide menghargai keragaman & keunikan individu maupun komunitas dalam ekspresi budayanya.


JENDELA IDE is a private & non profit cultural institution, based in Bandung – Indonesia. Formed by visual & performance artist Andar Manik & Marintan Sirait.

JENDELA IDE is dedicated to stimulate the cultural perspective of children & youth, towards workshops, exhibitions, performances, cultural encounters and discussions about education & culture.

JENDELA IDE acknowledges and values human uniqueness in creative work and excellence human difference in cultural expression.


We hope that this cultural space will become a space for dialogue among youth from a variety of economic, social, cultural and political backgrounds,
so as children with special needs.

  • To Orientate

Who am I as an individual and a social being.

  • To Explore

To use their abilities and develop information which is received,
so that information isn’t just ‘known’, but
becomes something which is studied, questioned, and
can become material for their lives to understood critically.

  • To Participate

Providing the opportunity to take an active role in determining the values in their lives.

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